Thinking that a POS technology used for a grocery store will work for your restaurant is wrong.

Dining establishments come in different varieties, each possessing its own set of needs. This can pose some difficulty when researching for a system.

However there are some features that are synonymous to every restaurant’s success. Does your restaurant’s POS system have the following?

Sales Reporting

This is a very helpful feature that allows managers to track performance of individual restaurant establishments located in different areas. POS software specifically designed for retail stores and restaurants usually have this feature, by which sales reports can be created automatically.

How does this help? This feature highlights quickly selling items and shows managers how to focus on the bigger revenue makers.

This data is important when it comes to meeting demand for an item and revenue forecasting.

Sales reporting capabilities present in the system often include:

  • Total sales
  • Sale for a given time period
  • Sales per item or category
  • Sakes by item or server

Easy Data Entry

Imagine your restaurant always has a full house on a Friday night. At one point, in the middle of the rush hour, the kitchen sends out a distress signal—it’s running out of strip steaks!

The only choice left to your establishment’s chef is replacing this food item with another, yet here a new problem comes forward.

The new type of steak is $3 more expensive. Someone will be responsible for introducing this data quickly into the POS system, preventing a lot of headaches as a result. The easy data entry features makes this task easier, simpler and faster!

Technical Support

The importance of good technical support from your restaurant POS provider is reiterated the most by Bridge POS. Restaurant owners and managers will know about the panic and chaos that erupts when system crashes for even a few minutes!

What if this was to happen at your dining establishment? Having someone at your beck and call 24 hours each day to help with system troubleshooting is your restaurant’s saving grace.

All in all, the biggest and most important feature provided by restaurant POS systems is versatility. Your chosen POS system should easily adapt to your restaurant needs, offering extra features and options to make point of sales easier.

Have you recently open a dining establishment and could use all the help you can find? Take a look at restaurant POS systems offered by Bridge POS.


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