Fuel Retail POS

A Point of Sale System Offers Convenience to Customers, Encourages Repeat Business, and Transforms Pump Stations into a Profitable Business

Gas stations using old payment methods are failing to earn the same revenue as gas stations in their area that have incorporated a fuel retail point of sale (POS) system. However, not all POS system software offers the ease of use or customized features we do.

A POS System Can Help Your Business Grow

Gas stations still using an outdated retail POS system are losing business, as customers need fast check-outs. They don’t have time to wait around as your system loads. And you can’t forget about the importance of convenience stores for extra revenue either. Customers who come by to fill up gas often end up buying something.

You can speed up transactions by using our state-of-the-art POS system. If you have several customers waiting in line to pay for their items, they won’t have to wait for long. Your employees will have no trouble checking them out quickly and taking on the next customer.

Welcome to the Age of New and Improved Fuel Retail POS Systems

Cutting edge POS system such as tablets, debit and credit card readers, handheld scanners, and other forms of digital payment processors have become the norm at many gas stations around the country. It is imperative for your gas station to conform to these new standards and blaze the trail by offering customer service that has never been seen before. Our Fuel Retail POS is exactly what you need!

With Our Fuel Point-of-Sale Systems You Will Receive Several Options

We are just getting started because when you opt for our fuel point-of-sale system for your gas station; you receive a host of features which we can customize based on your requirements.

By opting for our advanced fuel retail POS, you can offer your customers the following Store Management Service (SMS) services:

Pump Management

Total fuel management enables you to control 32 pumps, authorization, and tank monitoring from any fuel retail POS — full service, self-service, or combination of the two services.

Car Wash Management 

You can integrate the SMS service with loyalty based promotions and PAP.

Multiple Pump Options

You can support pumps from Bennet and Gilbarco with cash acceptors from Wayne, Tokheim, Kraus, and more.

PAP Design

This service features pay-at-the-pump forms and screen management such as promotions, pre-pay, loyalty, coupons, social networking, and more.


This service supports prepaid fuel cars with discount per gallon options.

Bridge SMS Retail Solutions offers training to staff to help them understand and utilize our Fuel Retail POS system to their advantage. We arrange training events and provide resources to customers if needed. Additionally, we offer repair and maintenance services where we send our technicians to your gas station to make repairs and also issue replacement equipment.

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