About Us

Bridging the Gap Between POS Systems and Your Business

Bridging the gap between the real-world state-of-the-art management technology and old-school slow-trudging administration and management services which are still employed by much of the retail, hospitality and healthcare industries today, Bridge POS is a provider of comprehensive technological point of sale solutions and support services.

With a company-wide belief in helping and guiding organizations flourish in positive and highly productive directions, Bridge POS has worked hard to produce and provide the necessary tools to business owners across the globe with easy to use tools and systems.

The tools and systems are built by using the most advanced of the global technologies but are presented in an easy to comprehend manner that allows the methodical management of even the most complex organizations.

Our services and point of sale systems, which span three entirely unrelated industries, are catered specially for each individual niche. Furthermore, they come armed with customization options that allow the systems to be altered and adjusted to suit the needs and requirements of each particular business, regardless of its size or status within its home-industry. The Bridge POS solutions are designed to empower all members of a particular industry – from the smallest to the largest.

Our point of sale systems, which span a wide range of diverse products under three individual categories are also accompanied by full-service, highly competent team of experts who are responsible for the ensuring the smooth transitioning of usage from the us the service provider to you, the client.

Bridge POS focuses on ascertaining that commerce and commercial inventory, management and transactions are better, more streamlined, and organized for everyone involved such as every business, retail or otherwise has the opportunity to improve, and grow and do what they do best: build their brand and sell their products.

Today, we have business owners and merchants from Orange County and across the world who not only utilize the platforms we provide to minutely monitor and manage every individual aspect of their trade, but also to build stronger, ever-evolving and ever-lasting relationships with their clientele.

Bridge POS specializes in custom point of sale systems and solutions for their diverse customer-base. Apart from that we also provide the following:

Surveillance Systems

Camera, accessories & storage

Web Development
Design & Cloud Hosting
Programming & Development

Custom Software development & applications

IT Services

Computer & Network management, maintenance & trouble-shooting services

Having grown from a team of 3, Bridge POS has grown to become a multi-national, multi-lingual corporation which as over 25 employees who cater to a diverse range of customers from around the world.

We’re proud of our hard work and resultant growth and are here to help the community in the retail, hospitality and healthcare sectors kick-start, and expand their own businesses – much like we have.