Cloud Based Support

With our rTools Pro software get the benefits of real-time monitoring, maintenance support and service from our skilled technical staff

The cutting edge technology we employ in our POS systems requires maintenance and upkeep. Implementing software upgrades, identifying bugs, performing backups and diagnosing errors are all tasks that need to be performed.

If you’re looking for real-time tailored assistance from our highly qualified technical staff, then add our rTools software suite to your POS systems and get real-time support and monitoring as you need it.

Infrastructure Savings

Don’t worry about investing in data centers and extra IT staff. Our cloud bases support service will handle the processing requirements, data storage and technical needs of keeping your systems in perfect working order.

Constant Communication

Our technical staff is available through telephone or via E-mail and chat channels. Let us know about any specific maintenance requirements that your system has, and our technicians will be able to access and implement the necessary maintenance and upgrades quickly and easily.

Consistent Monitoring

We don’t wait for you to inform us when an issue occurs. The rTools software enables our staff to observe your systems and deal with bottlenecks, delays or errors as they happen. That means potentially catastrophic system failures are avoided out of hand, and any long-term maintenance shutdowns become a thing of the past.

Extended Management

Our systems can provide a wealth of data, with our cloud based support staff on hand you don’t need to worry about how to access it, or what it means. Our technicians are on stand-by to help you with your queries, provide guidance and direct you towards areas of interest. You can focus on your business operations because we’re handling the details of the system it runs on.

Access Online Documentation

Thorough our Cloud Based support, you’ll have access to a wide range of technical support documentation that can help you gain a deeper understanding of the systems you’re using. If you’re still stuck then our technicians can guide you through proper processes, and get you to the information you need.

Get rTools Pro and gain all the advantages of having a dedicated team of system maintenance experts added to your roster. Never worry about upgrades, bugs or shutdowns again with Cloud Based Support.

If you’re interested in upgrading your support services contact us at +(1) 323-364-6642 so we can help you get connected to our Cloud Based Support today.