Clover POS

An intuitive, easy-to-use POS solution for your restaurant

Running a successful restaurant is not easy — you’ve got a lofty level of competition and a lot of things to take care of. With so much already on your plate, using old-fashioned registers and notepads for taking orders, managing inventory and till management may end up costing you a lot of time and money.

To offer you some relief and to help you focus on your core business, Bridge POS offers a full-service restaurant point of sale software that takes care of everything, from table management to cash and card payments — Clover.

Designed to make restaurant management fun and easy for restaurant owners and managers, Clover improves the quality and efficiency of service. Our top retail POS software also makes several tasks less laborious, allowing your wait staff to spend more time with customers and ensuring their satisfaction.

The Right Choice for Effortless Restaurant Management

As a full-service restaurant POS system, Clover covers every aspect of restaurant management.

With a Clover POS system in place, you won’t have to turn away customers who want to pay by card since it processes all kinds of payment types, including cash, cards, and mobile payments. It also facilitates an efficient and accurate order taking and delivery process, thereby keeping your lines short and your customers moving quickly.

With Clover’s point of sale solutions, you can:

  • Easily update the items on your menu and their prices
  • Move or split payments between multiple cards
  • Monitor the hours staff have worked, their sales, and tips
  • Accept payments by cash or card
  • Set multiple price levels for happy hour, breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • And do a lot more!

Find the Perfect POS System for Your Restaurant

Clover offers three different POS hardware options to businesses with varying needs and budget.

Whether you operate a chain of upscale restaurant and are looking for a feature-rich POS solution or you want a budget-friendly POS solution for your small café, Clover has something to offer to everyone.

Clover Flex

Clover Flex is a Cloud Based POS solution which is Perfect for small- to medium-sized cafés, restaurants, and bars when delivering goods on-site.

10¢/transaction +0.70%
  • $799 Special
  • Clover Mini

    A scalable solution for restaurant owners who are looking for multipurpose POS solution, Clover Mini features a sleek, simple design with an amazing range of features. Whether you want to entertain more customers by accepting credit and debit card payments or you want to introduce a customer loyalty program, Clover Mini does it all!

    Clover Mobile

    Whether you run a food truck or have booked a stall at a food festival, this portable restaurant POS system will come with you everywhere. Loaded with a number of features, Clover Mini makes payments and workforce management simpler and easier for busy, on-the-go restaurant managers.

    Clover Station

    Offering the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, Clover Station is a countertop restaurant POS system for high-volume restaurants and bars. The POS solution handles everything from payments and inventory to time sheets and sales reports.

    At Bridge POS, our objective is to help you select a restaurant POS system that best suits your needs and budget. So, if you are unsure about which one of these three will be the right choice for you, we will be glad to assist you.

    Call us at + (1) 323 364 6642 to talk to our experts and find a POS solution that will help you deliver exceptional dining experiences to your guests.