LOC SMS Software

Our Store Management Suite (SMS) Will Become the Backbone of Your Business, Helping You Manage Difficult Areas of Your Business Flawlessly

LOC SMS Software, a client-based software system, offers store owners with an improved and advanced point-of-sale system.

Made up of multiple features — in-store mobility, in-house gift cards, bank office integration, and more — the Store Management Suite has enabled businesses to handle different aspects of their operations from one central source.

The Three Building Blocks of LOC SMS Software

Unifying touch points, improving customer behavior, and operationalizing data analysis are the three essential building blocks of our store POS system. When you opt for our software, you receive the ability to customize the system to suit your business needs. If other point-of-sale systems have failed to meet your needs, our POS system will definitely meet your requirements.

Unlike other POS systems, our LOC SMS Software connects and brings different platforms together to give you a state-of-the-art platform not found anywhere else. With our POS system, you will witness an improvement in customer service like you’ve never seen before.

Our POS System Gives You Complete Control Over Inventory Management

Our secure, PCI compliant and PCI DSS and Visa PABP certified POS system, offers store owners the speed they need to process transactions quickly via a touchscreen interface, and the ability to track revenue of each category by each location and control inventory.

In addition to this, you can use the POS system to manage ongoing promotions, order, receive, and update inventory from within one system, and maintain customer profiles to see who shops often at your store. You can perform a detailed analysis, and customize messaging based on transaction details, and offer different payment methods to provide customers with convenient payment options.

That is not all, via our POS system, you can manage customer account balances in real-time as well as manage in-house gift cards, online redemption, and voucher balances. If you need to promote and sell a service to customers, you can do that from within the app.

Our POS LOC SMS Software Helps You Lower Labor Costs

You can lower labor costs using time management and scheduling. Our point-of-sale system also works as a digital signage, allowing you to create personalized messages, integrates with merchandising and loyalty, integrates with sign and label printing via batch or within item maintenance by location, store, and aisle.

Another benefit you receive when you opt for our SMS software is that it helps with inventory management, queue busting, in-aisle labels, and price verification. You can even centralize reporting and pricing to avoid confusion and prevent errors. Other features of our SMS software include warehouse management, wholesale integration, kiosk and price checker, and renting.

You do not need to include all of these features when you order our POS LOC SMS Software. You can only include the features in the suite that will benefit you. The features you choose solely depends on the type of business you own.

We are here to help! If you can’t decide on what features you need, contact us at +(1) 323 364 6642.