Making bar management fun and fuss-free for you

In the nightlife industry, true success is not just about attracting large crowds or sales. Instead, to be recognized as one of the hottest venues in your city, you must provide consistent high-quality and efficient service to your customers as well.

Bridge POS makes this possible for you with our feature-rich, high-performance bar POS system that has been designed to help you deliver delightful experiences to your customers. From inventory management and recipe control to tab tracking and payments, our bar point of sale system takes care of everything, so that your bartenders never miss a beat when serving drinks or collecting tips.

Serve Your Customers Quicker Than Ever

Featuring an intuitive, user-friendly interface, our bar POS system allows your bartenders and wait staff to tap into orders in a quick and accurate manner. This digitized order taking system keeps track of the amounts of different liquors used to mix up a drink, allowing prompt and accurate billing.

What’s more, using this feature-rich bar management solution, your bartenders can categorize and manage bar tabs, serve drinks more efficiently, and spend more time with the customers instead in front of a screen.

Never Run Out of Your Customers’ Favorites Again

A complete inventory management solution, our bar POS system helps you stay on top of what liquor, beers, and other drinks you have behind the counter, so that you never run out of your customers’ favorites.

It is a complete digitized solution that updates the inventory of a component every time it is used by your bartender to ring up a drink. This, in turn, helps you optimize the par levels of frequently used ingredients and avoid stock-outs.

Split Payments without the Fuss

It can be a hassle to manage payments when a guest at the bar moves to a table or when a customer wants you to split payment between multiple bars. Our bar POS system offers support for split payments, so your servers would no longer cringe at the thought of moving or splitting checks even on a busy Saturday night or during peak hours.

In addition, to help you attract more customers and earn more revenue, our bar POS system also offers support for scheduling and managing happy hours, loyal programs, and other promotional offers. The POS system provides you with detailed sales reports, so you can easily identify the most-ordered items on your menu and design a promotional offer that’s likely to attract more visitors to your bar.

As a bar or nightclub owner, you already have a lot on your plate. Let Bridge POS take some burden off your shoulders and make bar management less complex and time-consuming for you with our high-performance yet easy-to-use bar POS systems.

To learn more about the features of our restaurant POS system or to request a trial, please contact us at +(1) 323 364 6642.