Retail POS

Run the best retail POS system for your business

Improve your retail business revenues by optimizing your operations, improving the efficiencies and increasing the levels of customer satisfaction with a point of sale system that takes care of the sales process. With BridgePOS system, you have a winning combination of the best hardware and software that works for you and your company instead of the other way around.

No matter the size of your business, our retail point of sale systems provides you flexibility and functionality to tailor the platform as per the needs of your business and customers. With a seamless process in place, your sales process will be more efficient, your customers would have to wait less in line, and your staff can attend to the next person quicker.

One Solution to Manage them All

The Bridge POS equipment and software allows you to gain a well-organized and methodical control of your entire business operations, including customer relationships, employees, and inventory.

Select the specific category of your retail business and incorporate a system that has been designed and perfected just for your needs.

Make it Convenient for Customers to Shop from You

Buyers abhor having to stay in line. We know that because we do, too. This is why we’ve brought a solution that makes it easier for customers to get out of line with their purchases and be on their merry way.

With a system that displays transparency during checkout and which includes features that enable the staff to search and add items quickly (even add discounts to specific items or the whole cart!), your customers will have a happier time shopping at your retail store.

Work without the Hassle

Our retail POS systems allows you greater flexibility by breaking down the work processes and making it easier for you to customize accesses, manage workflows and view valuable sales reports.

Do you have your hands full with inventory and sales? Do you need a system that streamlines your processes and gives you more time to take care of your core business?

Bridge POS provides retail businesses in US a unique opportunity to boost customer satisfaction, and improve efficiency in both management and productivity. Call us today at + (1) 323-364-6642 or email us at to request a trial or to discuss your needs.