Restaurant POS

Speedy and reliable POS solutions built specifically for the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is highly competitive, and one of the key ways to stay successful in the industry is to provide a well-rounded delightful experience that includes everything from delectable food and efficient service to faster checkouts.

Bridge POS makes it easier for you to serve more customers without compromising on the quality and speediness of service with our restaurant POS systems that have been designed keeping the needs and challenges of the hospitality industry in consideration.

Find a New Way to Manage Your Restaurant

Whether you own a small café or an upscale restaurant, our restaurant POS solutions will offer you better control and visibility of the processes, enabling you to optimize service efficiency and deliver an exceptional experience to your guests. With detailed sales data, customer insights, and performance reports at your fingertips, you can leverage our restaurant POS system to make well-informed business decisions.

Our restaurant point of sale system is equipped with a number of customer-friendly features, such as support for multiple payment systems, split payments, and preset discounts for repeat customers. It also allows you to monitor the dining history of your customers and develop loyalty programs for big spenders and those who visit your restaurant frequently.

Smart, Feature-Rich Restaurant POS System

Designed to meet the needs of a busy restaurant or café, our restaurant POS system is loaded with tons of smart features that will improve quality and efficiency of service, optimize cash management, and upgrade your table management.

Table Management

With our restaurant POS solution, you can replicate the floor plan of your restaurant on your POS system, making meal distribution simpler and faster for your wait staff.

Cash Management

Our restaurant POS solutions supports a variety of payment methods, so you won’t have to turn away customers anymore! In addition, this feature-rich POS system makes multiple payments painless by allowing you to split payments between multiple cards.

Menu Management

From adding new items to the menu adjusting prices for happy hours, our restaurant POS system allows you to customize your menu any way you like!

Restaurant Management Made Simpler

Our restaurant point of sale system offers advanced staff management capabilities, making it easier for you to track hours your staff worked, their sales, and tips. What’s more, the solution is cloud-based, so you can access it anytime, anywhere, across any device to monitor the performance of your business.

Ready to add more value to your bottom line? Let Bridge POS help you find a restaurant POS solution that will best suit your need and help you offer an unforgettable experience to your guests.

To learn more about the features of our restaurant POS system or to request a trial, please contact us at +(1) 323 364 6642.