Pet Store POS

Make the Smart Decision for Your Business and Choose our POS to Improve Your Operations

Pet stores are the gateway for customers to create memories with their pets-turned-family.

Make their experience all the more remarkable by providing them more of what they love, with a service that exceeds their expectations. In short, choose our Pet Store POS.

Get an Edge on Your Competition

At Bridge POS, we understand that pet stores in US face cutthroat competition.

And it is important—imperative, really —to have a retail system in place that takes care of inventory management, accounting, tracking, and other essential features to aid the provision of your services. With our Pet Store POS, you will gain a competitive edge and will be able to make your mark in the industry.

Transform Your Business with Powerful Financial Management

Our pet store POS will help you handle your finances accurately and swiftly.

With both speed and precision in your account management process, you (and your staff) will be able to get rid of the menial tasks of calculations and creating receipts, and have a better, more efficient system to replace traditional, slow methods. With their heads not buried in numbers and calculators, your staff will be able to provide a considerably improved service to your customers.

Keep Your Customers—and Their Pets—Happy

Your customers are looking for products that would help them make better memories with their beloved four-paws (or two-paws. Let’s not discriminate).

At your store, they might find something they love, and they might find something that they don’t. And it is your job to know this, so you can stock up on the items that sell out fast, and create campaigns or discount offers accordingly.

With our smart point of sale system, you’ll be able to:

Understand your customers better

By tracking their purchases, you can predict their behavior and create laser focused marketing and sales strategies.

Hassle-free payment options

By incorporating multiple payment options as well as split payments, you ensure that your customers will be able to pay easily and this ease will give them the incentive to shop with you often.

Reduce costs on employee training

The POS has a simple user interface and is easy to master. You won’t have to spend hours and hundreds of dollars on training anymore!

Do you want to be the owner of a thriving pet store? Are you looking forward to improve the efficiency of your business by getting rid of old methods? Then choose the point of sale system by Bridge POS and ensure that you check all boxes for a successful business.

Selecting a POS that works best for your pet store is a tough job, but we are here to lend you a helping hand. Talk to us at + (1) 323 364 6642 or drop us an email at to receive valuable suggestions for your business. You can also request for a free trial of our pet store POS.