Digital Dining POS

To Give Your Customers a Great Dining Experience, You Have to Improve Customer Service

Understanding the pitfalls of being a restaurant owner like the back of our hands, we offer you a POS system that gives you the capability to multi-task and improve efficiency.

From taking orders, home deliveries, generating receipts, maintaining inventory, making table reservations to changing the menu, the Digital Dining point-of-sale system performs all your day-to-day tasks flawlessly.

Don’t Restrict Your Staff to Taking Orders Using a Notepad! Get Modernized!

If you are still using a notepad to take orders, you are stuck in the old age, while the rest of your competition is equipping their staff with a handheld device to take orders. By digitizing the way your restaurant takes orders, you are minimizing the chance of making an error. You don’t want your customers to leave a negative feedback because one of your waiters served them the wrong dish.

When you can reduce the chances of your staff making an error, you should take it. Improve your customers’ dining experience and increase the efficiency and speed of your staff by incorporating our restaurant POS system.

Our Digital Dining POS Offers You a Host of Features to Improve Your Customer Service

When you opt for our point-of-sale system, you receive several different features. Our POS system includes features like handheld functionality, back office support, integrated gift cards, credit card compatibility, table reservations, inventory control and management, labor scheduling, and corporate.

The user-friendly interface allows the staff to understand how to use the system without requiring extensive training to teach them. When taking the order, your staff can enter the number of people at the table, the number of dishes ordered, the checkout option they chose, and more. The system will automatically calculate the total price of the meal.

In addition to this, if you take reservations, you will benefit from our Digital Dining POS system. You can use the POS to seat people faster, improve waiting list management by giving your customers accurate waiting times, find preferred tables, and respond to customers in a timely manner.

Improve Your Delivery, Counter, and Drive Thru Service

Our point-of-sale system improves the delivery service by displaying the customer’s number, address, previous order, and delivery instructions.

Through the POS system, restaurants can promote the newest entries on the menu. You can also award your regular customers with gift cards through the POS system. You can even improve the time it takes to take an order at the counter or the drive-thru. Since everything Is automated, it decreases wait times, increases revenues, and improves customer service.

Whether you own a restaurant, bar, nightclub, or a fast food joint, you can use our Digital Dining POS System to expand your business, add more dishes to the menu, improve management, satisfy the concerns of customers, offer increased convenience to yourself and your staff, and attract more customers.

If you want to bring in more repeat business, get in touch with at +(1) 323 364 6642 to learn how our advanced Digital Dining POS can benefit you!