No one, thing or issue should come between technology, business growth and development. In fact, it’s with the help of technology that a business grows—reaching newer heights!

Are you looking for making your store’s point-of-sale process easy and efficient? Installing a POS system will streamline things!

POS System – How It Helps

A Point of Sale System is automated sales software used in retail, grocery, restaurants and other such businesses. How does it work? Cashiers using the software inputs products, tally costs, and conduct the financial transaction taking place at the moment.

The POS system is clearly one step ahead over the cash register. This innovative system far outclasses outdated ways of making transactions and selling.

There are many benefits of installing a good POS software system for your retail store. Managers and users can track store inventory, create automated order lists and learn about customer purchase decisions.

POS System Lingo Explained

Installing POS system software might be the right decision for your store’s growth but are you equipped to handle the change? Most importantly, what else do you know about this incredible system?

Following is a refresher course of some POS system terms that users will find common in any system.

Apple Pay

Everyone knows about Apple Pay. How the technology connects to a POS system? It’s a useful and convenient technology by which customers can pay at the register using their iPhones. Basically, the smartphone becomes the wallet when Apple Pay is being used by retailers, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Make sure the POS system software you install can accept mobile based payments from Apple Pay or another such service.

Analytics Dashboard

This feature is found within the owner-facing interface of all POS software. Information recorded or found in the analytics dashboard is the summary of all register activity for a given date or data range.

Bulk Management

This feature allows users to conduct a series of tasks that help in retail or grocery store management. Some tasks are; items can be deleted, added, and/or edit multiple inventory items or customers at once.  Spreadsheet templates are used to achieve these tasks.


These are additions or special requests added to an item with the intention of making it more distinguishable. An example of a modifier used in POS system is a particular wine that offers both half and full bottle. Over here size is the modifier.

So, now you know some POS system software terms found within the technology. Are you looking for an easier to operate POS system for your retail or grocery store?

Bridge POS helps you every step of the way! Get in contact with our POS experts today.


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