You won’t need to hire extra wait staff for your restaurant just to take orders from customers. The arrival of touch screen technology in restaurants has changed the show, especially in the order taking process.

Wait staff are no longer required to take orders from customers, but serve instead as delivery people—as it should be! 

While high-end dining establishments overlook the touchscreen, choosing the more traditional and personal touch of order taking, you certainly can incorporate this technology for your moderately priced restaurant.

In fact, there are many ways implementing this innovative and convenient order taking system can benefit your restaurant business!

What Do You Gain?

  • Cost reduction
  • Durability
  • Convenience
  • Accessibility
  • Ease of use

Wondering where to start looking for your restaurant’s touchscreen order taking system? First understand the technology available in the market for this purpose! There are two touchscreen technologies you can make a choice from:

Projected Capacitive

Known as PCAP, projected capacitive touch technology is most commonly used in tablets and smartphones. However, the technology is quickly becoming ingratiated with larger touch screen options and terminals due to the incredible convenience and usefulness.

There are three main components that make up this technology:

  • Cover glass
  • Sensor glass
  • Printed circuit to controller

How the Projected Capacitive Works

The cover glass is attached on top of the sensor glass with the help of an optical clear adhesive. A small charge is stimulated whenever surface of this glass is touched with fingers.

In this way, the technology is able to decipher exact location of the customer’s touch, promising extremely precise results.

5 Wire Resistive

This touchscreen technology comprises several layers, two of which are the most important. These layers are thin transparent electrically-resistive layers separated by space.

Only a thin gap separates the electrically resistive layers facing each other. Additionally, the top screen i.e. touchscreen has a special coating applied on the underside surface.

How the 5 Wire Resistive Works

The two separated electrically resistive layers connect at the point where the outer surface screen is pressed down with a fingertip or stylus tip.

Always consider your customers before incorporating any technology in your restaurant operations especially in order taking and making transactions.

Consider how your customers will interact with the technology before implementing. Also consider your restaurant’s environment before deciding on which touchscreen technology to install and use.

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